How to succeed in 2019? Start by facing forwards…

New Year’s Resolutions are often a standard topic of conversation in January. Regardless of the timing or the reason, there is never any harm in a bit of stock-taking. As my previous article suggested, looking in that rear view mirror helps to check where you have come from, but once you have done this I… Read more »

How successful was your 2018? Looking in the Rear View Mirror…

As another year draws to a close, many people will naturally find themselves entering introspection mode. In years gone by, this may have ordinarily only been something practiced by established high performers. However, given the current popularity of mindfulness, self-awareness and general personal growth. I’d hazard a guess that more people then ever before are… Read more »

12 Principles of Personal Leadership – PART THREE

In my previous 2 blogs, I set out to offer some thoughts to those entering the workforce or those responsible for developing more junior members of their teams. In actual fact, anyone can benefit from being reminded of these key principles. You can even use them to help your children develop core skills that will… Read more »

12 Principles of Personal Leadership – PART TWO

In my previous blog, I discussed the first 4 lessons that can help younger generations develop into the leaders of tomorrow. In this follow up blog, I will introduce a further 4 principles. In developing these skills from an early age, you can avoid years of unpicking bad habits, saving time, effort and even money…. Read more »

12 Principles of Personal Leadership – PART ONE

With new generations entering the workplace around this time of year, it got me thinking. Truth be told, I was actually thinking about my own kids. In a world post #MeToo, #LeanIn and #BanBossy (amongst other campaigns), the focus on opening up leadership programmes to a broader, more diverse and inclusive audience is very much… Read more »

Building Trust – Part Two

In our previous blog, we introduced the concept of building trust in working relationships. We mentioned that that there are four elements which, according to the research that sits behind The Trusted Advisor, contribute to forming the Trust Equation. Last time we posted we positioned the first two factors – Credibility and Reliability. This month… Read more »

Building Trust – Part One

A little while back I was invited to speak at a networking event for Property Professionals. Having accepted the invite, I was then left with the small matter of deciding what to talk about. These were property professionals in the broadest sense – a melting pot of investors, surveyors, agents, lawyers, and finance brokers. What… Read more »

The Power of Persuasion

If you view the world from the perspective of those you are attempting to influence, you are far more likely to succeed.   The ability to effectively influence others has long been recognised as a key attribute of successful workplace leaders. Indeed, in a recent survey conducted across the Chartered Quality Institute’s Next Generation Network,… Read more »

Feedback – A Gift or a Slap in The Face?

A couple of weeks ago I ran a session for some senior leaders on Delivering Effective Feedback. At the start of the session I mentioned that feedback is a topic that both excites and frustrates me in equal measure.   Exciting? When feedback is delivered well i.e. at the appropriate time and in the appropriate… Read more »