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12 Principles of Personal Leadership – Part 3

In my previous 2 blogs, I set out to offer some thoughts to those entering the workforce or those responsible for developing more junior members of their teams. In actual fact, anyone can benefit from being reminded of these key principles. You can even use them to help your children develop core skills that will… Read more »

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12 Principles of Personal Leadership – Part 1

With new generations entering the workplace around this time of year, it got me thinking. Truth be told, I was actually thinking about my own kids. In a world post #MeToo, #LeanIn and #BanBossy (amongst other campaigns), the focus on opening up leadership programmes to a broader, more diverse and inclusive audience is very much… Read more »

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The Power of Persuasion

If you view the world from the perspective of those you are attempting to influence, you are far more likely to succeed.   The ability to effectively influence others has long been recognised as a key attribute of successful workplace leaders. Indeed, in a recent survey conducted across the Chartered Quality Institute’s Next Generation Network,… Read more »

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Feedback – A Gift or a Slap in The Face?

A couple of weeks ago I ran a session for some senior leaders on Delivering Effective Feedback. At the start of the session I mentioned that feedback is a topic that both excites and frustrates me in equal measure.   Exciting? When feedback is delivered well i.e. at the appropriate time and in the appropriate… Read more »

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Goal Setting: Performance Over Outcome

In a previous blog I extolled the virtues of ‘Controlling The Controllables’, an approach adopted by high performers who invest time and effort focusing only on the things they believe they can truly influence. Just this week I was facilitating a goal setting session for a group of managers. Now I don’t know many people… Read more »

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Holding Up The Mirror

Some of the most rewarding sessions I’ve facilitated are the ones where I leave with a new perspective on things. Just last week I was helping a team to develop their consultative selling skills. Nothing particularly ground-breaking in that, nor in the activity they completed where I asked them to review their sales competencies, self-assessing… Read more »