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Selling or Helping to Buy?

If you are too focused on following your own sales process, you could risk losing the sale… As a sales consultancy, we’re often asked to support our clients in overcoming the challenges they face when selling to their own customers. As part of our approach, we’ll ask our clients about their sales process – what… Read more »

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Our Altitude Sales Development Program wins Bronze!

We are delighted to announce that Flame Learning has received a Bronze award in the ‘Best Program for Sales Training & Performance’ category, at the recent HCM Excellence Awards. We are honored to receive this much coveted award from leading independent research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group, and are thrilled to be recognized for this… Read more »

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Salesperson or Order Taker?

Over the years that we’ve had the privilege of working with sales teams across the world, it’s often struck me that many of the ‘salespeople’ we’ve worked with aren’t actually selling at all. Though their role titles may tell us differently, a significant chunk of this group could more accurately be described as ‘order takers’…. Read more »

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You are How You Sell (not What you Sell)…

Over the past fifty years, much thought and effort has gone into analysing and improving sales performance.  Of the thousands of books, academic courses and training workshops translated into multiple languages, no page has gone unturned.  Organisations across the world embrace each new sales methodology like the latest diet craze.  We listen in earnest to… Read more »